Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Environmental Options, Inc. (EO) provides turnkey waste handling services with all types of wastes, including regular waste streams, off-specification materials, outdated chemicals, perc, petroleum and carbon filters, mercury lamps, batteries, unknown drums, lab packs of small containers of chemicals, universal waste, used oil or contaminated soil/groundwater.
Our highly trained personnel perform all aspects of sampling, monitoring, analysis, waste profiling, pumping, consolidating, packaging, labeling, manifesting, loading, placarding and transporting. The most economical and environmentally sound disposal options are considered, whether recycling, reclamation, fuels blending/energy recovery, thermal treatment, chemical treatment, neutralization, wastewater treatment or incineration. We deal with any quantity of waste from lab packs, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums up to bulk amounts in tankers, dump trailers or roll-offs. Please refer to the checklists on our Downloads/Links page for further information.

Our waste disposal services include:

• Transportation of waste
• Waste Disposal/Recycling/Reclamation
• Lab Pack Services/Small Container
• Packaging
• Manifesting/Labeling/Placarding/Loading
• Roll-Offs/Tankers
• Bulk Disposal
• Empty Drum Disposal
• Dry Cleaner Wastes
• Universal Wastes
• Electronic Wastes

Pictured Above:

This is the newest addition to our fleet of box trucks, tractors and trailers that we have in service to meet our customers pickup and waste disposal needs.